24/7 Miscellaneous Services

Along with all of the services we provide as part of your luxury travel itinerary, such as private tour vehicles, restaurant and entertainment recommendations, luxury accommodation and unique travel experiences, we also provide miscellaneous services.

Miscellaneous services can include anything from running errands such as dry cleaning drop-offs or picking up groceries for your luxury stay, to our team just generally being on-hand 24/7 to guide any queries you may have.

At DM Concierge, we feel as though our 24/7 availability is our competitive advantage as it ensures we meet the needs of every client, and encourage them to have the best trip possible.

As a personal concierge in Australia and New Zealand, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. This is why our specialist team at DM Concierge will go above and beyond to meet client’s needs. We are particularly happy to share our 100% 5* rating on TripAdvisor, as a means of our dedication to every itinerary we create.

If you wish to book a trip to one of our centred destinations, or to answer any unanswered questions, then please contact our specialist team here.