Luxury Transportation Services

At DM Concierge, we offer a wide range of extremely diverse and multifaceted luxury travel concierge services. 

Whether you’re looking for an easy and relaxing break from work, or a fun and action-packed get-away with friends, at DM Concierge the possibilities are endless. We have the ability to do anything, and because of this we hold an 100% 5* rating on TripAdvisor.

Transport is a significant part of travelling, and our private concierge services are a big believer of this.

Do you wish to do a spot of sightseeing, but aren’t one for the crowds or the hassle of public transport? At your and your travel group’s disposal, we can provide a chauffeur to accompany you as part of your personalised luxury travel itinerary. Whether you require chauffeur cars in Melbourne, or private drivers in Sydney, we’ve got you covered.

If you enjoy sightseeing and fancy getting a bit of exercise, we suggest you partake in Melbourne walking tours as it’s a great way to see and learn about the city whilst also keeping active. However, if you’re trying to avoid the bustling city crowds, then our private concierge services can organise a chauffeur car hire in Melbourne as a simple fix to sightsee minus the masses.

“What about other types of luxury transport?”, I hear you say.

Well, let’s just say we can make anything possible. Helicopter Sydney city tour? Luxury charter boat in the Cairns Great Barrier Reef? Quad bike through New Zealand’s native forest and breathtaking mountain scenery? We bring a new meaning to “luxury sightseeing”.

At DM Concierge, we aim to make dreams become reality. We design a luxury travel itinerary based around your wants and needs, and bring your ideas to life.

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