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At DM Concierge we specialise in anything and everything: Australia and New Zealand.

As well as transport, accommodation and a wide array of trips and experiences, we also appreciate you will want some ‘down-time’ to explore city culture. What better way to do this than exploring the amazing and unique dining and entertainment opportunities that these cities have to offer.

Our private concierge services include making restaurant and entertainment reservations based on our specialist recommendations and your personal preferences.

As part of your luxury travel itinerary, our specialist team can implement recommendations centred around what we think is best suited to you, and let you choose from there. Whether it be the best fine dining restaurants in Sydney, the theatre shows you can’t miss in Melbourne or the most unconventional art galleries in New Zealand, our expert travel concierge team has the know-how on all things ‘recreation’.

With restaurant recommendations catering for every craving, DM Concierge has got you covered with anything from shucked oysters at a luxurious Sydney beach location, to diving into Aussie specialty ‘parmas’ at a local pub in Melbourne.

As for recommendations for entertainment, our team are culture-enthusiasts and have the low-down on everything from the latest exhibitions, to the upcoming concerts, comedy shows and theatre performances.

Having us make your restaurant and entertainment reservations for you, means you don’t even have to lift a finger. We aim to take the responsibility of planning a great trip completely off your shoulders, so that you can sit back and relax. After all, that’s what a holiday is all about and this is exactly what we’re here for.

To ensure your trip is completely stress-free, we even provide running errands as part of our private concierge services. So whether it be dry cleaning, a letter that needs to be delivered or a private chauffeur, that you require, DM Concierge can help you out. For more information on the assistance we offer, please see our 24/7 miscellaneous services.

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