Luxury Sydney Boat Charters

As the days begin to get warmer and summer approaches in Sydney, more and more people are beginning to adventure onto the beautiful Sydney harbour in their boats or yachts. We offer luxury personal concierge to provide an unforgettable and unique travel experience. Our services can provide you with a luxury travel itinerary including a Sydney boat charter.

Travelling by boat is the ultimate way to view the stunning harbour up close and bask in the sunlight. Whether you’re visiting the city, or are a local and want to explore, boat charters are a great way to get around. We can cater to your event, size and desires. In this blog post, we show you just what you could get out of a luxury Sydney boat charter.

Luxury Sydney Boat Charters
Photo by Josh Withers on Unsplash

Viewing the sights

The most obvious appeal of experiencing Sydney harbour by boat is being able to soak up the sights from the water. See one of the most distinctive buildings as you pass the Sydney Opera house and take in the picturesque views from Circular Quay. Besides, you’ll also see the Sydney Harbour Bridge up close as you sail underneath.

Getting up close with marine life

Visiting Sydney by boat is the best way to see our diverse marine life up close. The Port Jackson shark is a common shark species found in the harbour, as well as certain whale and dolphin species which you can get a close look of on a boat.
Whales, humpbacks or southern right whales usually migrate to the Coral Sea through Sydney and are commonly spotted by boats on the harbour. In addition, Bottlenose and pacific dolphins also frequent the area and can get quite close to boats.

Luxury Sydney Boat Charters, Personal Concierge
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Aside from these marine animals, over 500 species of fish call Sydney Harbour home. The harbour is well known for its unique ecosystem which allows such a diverse community of fish species to coexist. From cuttlefish to butterfly fish, you’ll be sure to spot some unique fish on your luxury boat charter.

Stopping at hidden beaches

As you sail through the harbour, stop at some of the best harbour beaches for a swim or just to admire from afar.
Camp cove is a great stop on your boat trip. It boasts a range of activities in a laid-back environment. Its perfect for a swim or to take in the harbour views.
Store Beach in Manly is a stunning beach that can only be accessed by boat. If you’re looking to sail past a hidden treasure, this is the beach for you. A secluded get away from the hustle and bustle of the city with breathtaking views of Sydney.

Luxury Sydney Boat Charters & Personal Concierge
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Moreover, If you’re visiting any of these beaches along the Harbour you may also wish to stop and enjoy a picnic. Our boat charter and travel experiences can provide you with an itinerary to get the most out of your Sydney boat experience.
Our top travel concierge services cater to clients wanting a small intimate vessel to superyachts for larger parties.
A boat charter in Sydney Harbour is a memorable experience with hidden treasure beaches. Seeing marine life up close and seeing some of the most iconic locations and landmarks in the country. Contact DM Concierge to plan your next luxury travel experience.