The Great Ocean Road: Make It A Luxury Trip

You may have heard about the Great Ocean Road. Stretching along Victoria’s western coast, it’s actually a couple of hours’ drive from the city of Melbourne.

You may have heard about the Great Ocean Road. Stretching along Victoria’s western coast, it’s actually a couple of hours’ drive from the city of Melbourne. It offers countless breathtaking views of the Victorian region, and beautiful changes in scenery come one after the other. As a whole, the Great Ocean Road is quite a magical travel destination.

So if you were to explore this area, wouldn’t you want to do it in style? Hence, our private concierge services team recommends this 4-day Great Ocean Road Private Luxury Tour, which starts in Melbourne and ends in Adelaide, so you could get the absolute most out of this visit. Trust in a travel concierge to find the right people for handling your trip, and you can travel without the hassles of driving, navigating, constantly planning, booking, scheduling, referring to maps and guidebooks, etc.

Here are some in-package highlights to look forward to when you do follow a private Great Ocean Road itinerary:

Twelve Apostles Helicopter Ride

Perhaps the most well-known attraction in this area, the Twelve Apostles is a series of long standing limestone pillars along the edge of the Southern Ocean. These natural rock formations, having been shaped differently over millions of years due to erosion from the cliffs of the mainland, are a popular must-see for tourists.

So what better way for you to see them in person than a view from the top – through a short helicopter ride?

At 1,100 metres above sea level, this is the highest lookout in the Blue Mountains with extensive views of surrounding Mount Tomah and Mount Lambie. There is space to walk around and take in the amazing sights and sounds echoing through the valley.

That way, you’d appreciate the Twelve Apostles from a very unique and special perspective. It’s surely a once in a lifetime kind of thing.

Loch Ard Gorge

A luxury travel itinerary for the Great Ocean Road must include a stop at Loch Ard Gorge. This impressive sight is actually named after the historical Loch Ard ship that dates back to the 1800s, which unfortunately got wrecked during its voyage from England to Melbourne.

Kennett River & Maits Rainforest

You’re not meant to just see places from a distance and snap photos while travelling, are you? That’s what makes these visits to Kennett River and Maits Rainforest extra special. Along Kennett River, you’ll be treated to a close encounter with the local koalas as well as an opporunity to feed the parrots. You’ll also have a tour whilst taking a leisurely walk around the gorgeous Maits Rainforest.

Ravens Creek Farm

If you do take this luxury trip in the summer, you’d enjoy a nice lunch at Ravens Creek Farm, in which everyone gets to experience picking berries as well. Outside of the season, Ravens Creek is closed, so the alternative venue for lunch would be either Blackmans Brewery or Farmers Place.

Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

Gain more appreciation for Australia’s biodiversity through a private guided tour of Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve. You’d watch koalas, emus and kangaroos scattered all over the grasslands in this tranquil and relaxing animal park.

Coonawarra Winery

Of course, no luxury travel experience would be complete without a visit to a world class winery and some memorable wine tasting. In this case, Coonawarra is the place for just that.

4-Star Accommodations With Dinners Provided

You’ll spend a total of three nights somewhere between the cities of Melbourne and Adelaide. So as a luxury travel guest, it’s only fitting that your overnight accommodations are of a high standard each time.

Enjoy your stay at 4-star resorts at the Great Ocean, Lady Bay and Coonawarra. The premium dinners included will be fantastic. And don’t forget about having some time to swim in the clear blue waters, go kayaking and even try some surfing too. You’ll be discouraged from lying in bed all day at these resorts.

Other benefits that come with a Great Ocean Road Luxury trip:

  • Comfortable transportation in a private Mercedes-Benz V-Class luxury vehicle with complimentary Wifi and water
  • A fully competent local guide who will provide expert commentary and advise you on the different secret spots or hidden gems during the trip
  • A multilingual driver (available upon request)