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Home to a diverse range of attractions, South Australia may be one of the most underrated parts Australia. South Australia covers some of the most arid parts of the country, and is bookended by beautiful coastlines, including the Great Australian Bight. It is also home to the wine capital of Australia, Adelaide. This means it boasts an abundance of world-class wineries and vineyards, spanning seven different wine zones. Whether you want a short retreat from the busy CBD or are holidaying, there are wine tours around Adelaide spanning a wide geographical region, making it a perfect destination for a range of travel experiences.


When most people think about wine tours around Adelaide, they associate it with the Barossa Valley. This is hardly surprising given the Barossa Valley is Australia’s most famous international wine district, making it home to some of the finest wining and dining experiences on offer. 

The Barossa Valley’s close proximity to Adelaide CBD makes it the perfect day-trip. DM Concierge can take care of travel on the day, so you can fully immerse yourself in all that the region has to offer, without having to worry about getting around. The region, most well-known for Shiraz, is home to over 150 wineries, leaving visitors spoilt for choice. 

At DM Concierge we have selected a few we think are worth including in your wine-hopping itinerary. A trip to the Barossa Valley is hardly complete without a visit to one of the internationally recognised wineries. This list includes Penfolds who are responsible for the production of Australia’s iconic Penfold Grange. Henschke Cellars, Wolf Blass and Jacob’s Creek are also widely recognised wineries with vineyards in the Barossa Valley. 

For fan favourites, we recommend Langmeil Winery, which is home to what is believed to be the world’s oldest Shiraz vineyard. Murray Street Vineyards was voted Barossa’s Best Cellar Door, which means you are guaranteed a good experience. Kalleske Wines, a winery with an emphasis on sustainability, is also well worth a visit. 

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Take the scenic route with DM Concierge and head down to the Fleurieu Peninsula, which has been described as South Australia’s “coastal playground”. Located about an hour drive from Adelaide, the Fleurieu Peninsula features a rugged coastline, crystal waters, an 1800s shipwreck and an abundance of highly regarded wineries. 

Don’t miss d’Arenberg winery, established in 1912. At d’Arenberg they are constantly striving for innovation and the d’Arenberg Cube is a reflection of this. Featuring panoramic views of the beautiful surrounding landscapes, the Cube offers visitors an award-winning wine tourism experience. 

Hugh Hamilton is another prime winery on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Located in the McLaren Vale region, this winery prides itself on providing guests with a unique experience. Curated by its namesake Hugh Hamilton, a self-proclaimed ‘black sheep’. Hugh Hamilton describes itself as a place that takes ‘wine seriously but not ourselves’.

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Primo Estate is another great addition to any winery itinerary. Imbued with the spirit of ‘la dolce vita’, a taste of the sweet life is what you will experience here. Fox Creek Wines rely on a blend of traditional and innovative methods to develop their fine wines. Their philosophy is centered around making good wine available to everyone, making them another fan-favourite in the region. 

DM Concierge can help you tailor your trip to the Fleurieu Peninsula to suit your needs. The beauty of the Fleurieu Peninsula is that it is perfect for a day-trip, or an extended stay when you are looking for wine tours around Adelaide.


If you’re looking to enjoy some of the best wine tours around Adelaide, but are time poor, the Mount Lofty Ranges wine region will give you a taste of what the region has to offer. Located 15km from the city centre in Adelaide’s mountainous region, the Mount Lofty Ranges is home to a number of vineyards and cellar doors, all accessible with the help of DM Concierge. 

You can’t go past Mt Lofty Ranges Vineyard. This picturesque location features a unique cellar door experience and perhaps most notably, a hatted restaurant with panoramic views of the active vineyards. Hahndorf Hill is another winery experience unique to the Mount Lofty Ranges region. Situated in a historically German-heritage village, Hahndorf Hill are on a mission to introduce Austrian grape varieties to Australia. 

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The Barossa Valley and the Fleurieu Peninsula are perhaps the most popular wine regions in South Australia, but the Far North, Limestone Coast and the Lower Murray are a number of other prominent South Australian wine regions which are also worth a visit if you have the time to travel a little further.

The Far North region is a few hours drive from Adelaide and covers the Southern Flinders Ranges region. The area is home to an array of active vineyards, especially Shiraz vineyards. There aren’t as many cellar doors to choose from in the Far North, but Bartagunyah Estate and Remarkable View Winery are two wineries to experience if you would like DM Concierge to take you through the region. 

The Limestone Coast is commonly accessed from a regional flight into Mount Gambier, but can also make for a great road trip down from Adelaide with DM Concierge. This wine tour around Adelaide is home to a young wine region, most well regarded for its Riesling wine. This alone makes it distinct from many other wine regions in South Australia which are mostly regarded for their reds, particularly Shiraz. 


The Lower Murray zone is situated along the Murray River. The area is worth exploring, given it’s home to some of the most quintessentially Australian landscapes you can find. Not only is the Murray River iconic to Australia, it is also well worth worth a visit if you are a wine enthusiast. The region produces up to 30% of Australia’s annual crush, making it Australia’s largest wine growing region. 

The area has typically been known for its mass-produced wines, but there is a quickly developing market for unique alternatives. Some wineries to enjoy the full range of what the lower murray has to offer include Banrock Station, Whistling Kite Wines and 919 Wines. 

Banrock Station is recognised for its commitment to producing wine in an environmentally friendly way. Whistling Kite Wines is a smaller scale vineyard, with a similar vision. 919 Wines, another smaller winery is family owned, producing organic wines in the region. Contact us at DM Concierge today to find out more about what the Lower Murray has to offer.


The Peninsulas cover a zone including a large portion of the South Australian coast line. It is bordered by the Far North and Mount Lofty Ranges regions. The Peninsula region doesn’t have as many wineries and cellar doors as other regions may boast, but it is rich with history and worth a trip, which DM Concierge can help you organise.

If you are in the area or travelling through, one winery you should be sure to visit is award-winning Barley Stacks Wines. All wines are grown, processed and bottled on site and the cellar door offers visitors a uniquely Australian wine-tasting experience. 

The wine region in South Australia is wide-sprawling and diverse. Whether you’re visiting for the wine, or it’s an added pleasure along the way, South Australia is rich with travel opportunities. At DM Concierge, we can help you curate a holiday which fulfils your needs. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you create memorable adventures.